Financial Advice

We offer advices to allow people make adequate decisions financially which may very well help them avoid certain mistakes when it comes to spending and investing with financial groups.

Funds Recovery

We majorly help to recover lost funds from financial institutions, scams through cryptocurrency and any financial mode of transaction. We can also help mitigate the risk of falling for phishing scams and other scams in general.

24/7 Support

Our support team is available every day of the week. Do not hesitate to use the form on our contact page to file your complaints. Please note that this only applies to Support and not Specialists.

Our Solutions

Below are some of the services we offer

Wire Transfer Solutions

We understand many individuals are victims of wire transfer frauds and we have the best tools and efficient specialists to resolve the problems.


Phishing Scams Prevention

We would like to offer our service to people that have suffered from various phishing scams and to prevent the general public from being susceptible to the problem by providing adequate softwares and tools to neutralize the attempts or occurrence.


Wallet Recovery

The issue of losing access to personal wallets has increased drastically over the years due to malwares and various means developed by criminal organizations. We can help to prevent and ultimately restore access to financial accounts, Crytocurrency wallets and so on.


Cryptocurrency Fraud Recovery

Cryptocurrency has been a mode of transacting and investing for some time now and it’s a powerful topic in the financial and trading world. However, because of its dynamic nature a lot of people are at a risk of losing all they have either to hackers or mere ignorance on their own part. We make it our business to recover the theft or loss.


Forex Trading Solutions

Forex trading has been effective in its own way for many years, it is well used by financial traders all over the world. It’s no news that it’s been exploited by manipulators over the years as well so we provide help to victims of its transactional downsides.


SMS Log and Data Retrieval

Due to technicality of certain devices and systems nowadays, people run the risk of losing data from their devices and computer systems because of certain errors that may have been facilitated due to their lack of knowledge or error in judgement. We have specialists that can resolve these issues so do not hesitate to reach out to us.